For the family wedding
collect your niece, Red
rebellious Red,
expect the worst.
Big surprise,
she is resplendent in blue, is Red
big hat
taming the hair, of Red.
At the reception,
you begin to relax, 
you should know better, with Red.
Wine flows, lights up the mood, for Red
dancing on a table, they all cheer, for Red
the hat is thrown, they all cheer, for Red
the zipper descends, they call out for more, from Red
just panties in blue, and all-over tan on Red

Blue dress pulled from the floor, 
a firm grip of her hand,
Red marched from the room, by you.
Those brown legs kick, as over the knee, goes Red
blue panties removed, she knows what to expect, 
does Red
bare bottom, spanked hard, spanked Red

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