Party News

My last party was fantastic, Donna and I had such a wonderful time and had some really wonderful feedback from everyone who attended.
I must apologize for the lack of photo's at the moment, my laptop is broken, as soon as I have a new one I will update this blog with lovely bottoms! :) xx

My last Red-Bottoms birthday party special, hosted on the 18th September was fantastic.
I had the sensational Sam Johnson and the delectable Donna Browne join me for the spankee fun.

Location is West London, with plenty of parking.

To book a place just email me at or call on 07808 869411 

This is me - Red - actually very red!

Sam, hot as hell!

Donna, absolutely glowing.

My wonderfully caned bottom.

 Emily, Myself & Sam








From Hell's Belles, hosted by the lovely Jadie and I.

Jadie - In a playful mood